Boulevard Farm

Live on our urban homestead

About Us July 25, 2010

We are a family of four living in Des Moines, Iowa. Though we have dreams of moving to a rural acreage with rolling hills and land for grazing, hunting, and hiking… we still live in the city.

In the meantime, we’re working towards becoming as self-sufficient as we can. We have chickens for eggs and meat and are getting rabbits. We own a goat who is stabled in the country. We garden with a rural friend (the same one who keeps my goat!) since we don’t have good garden space on our property. We grow herbs and a modest selection of lettuce, and have just added grapevines and fruit trees.

We’re conservative politcally, we’re practicing Christians. We homeschool. We tend to be “green” or “crunchy” but without the Eco-Warrior image that might conjure. We also have a bent towards preparedness.

I own a small in-home business called Wallypop, as well as Boulevard Designs. We are involved with a local nonprofit, Swing Des Moines.

Welcome to our world.


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