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Chicken Harvest August 29, 2011

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22 chickens bleeding out. This was easily our best chicken harvest yet. We had a good rhythm going, and we ROCKED that plucker. Randy and Wally got the chickens off the fence, Abby and Randy switched off dunking them in the hot water and running the plucker, and I handled pulling off any errant feathers after the plucker was done. Inside, we fell into a nice routine of Randy cutting off tails, heads, necks, and feet, and me handling the removal of the guts and washing of the birds. Since he finished before I did, he also took care of getting them into zip close bags. Even with an hour or so break due to rain, it only took 6 hours, including the time involved in getting the turkey fryer set up and boiling, getting the plucker in place, and cleaning up afterwards. Pretty good.

chicken dissection
chicken dissection

Um, the 7 year olds dissecting the chicken heads. They got a closeup look at eyeballs, brains, and various other parts of a chicken head. This was a cool educational moment, but it also kept them happily occupied for an hour or more. And, well, there were voices involved, too. The chicken heads apparently were talking to them. I don’t know.


One Response to “Chicken Harvest”

  1. Momma Aimee Says:

    awsome. my oldest (almost 6) is totally into cleaning Doves Daddy shoots, he is collecting hearts, looking for lungs and so on — He’d have loved to have been there..

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