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Chicken Dinner August 18, 2011

Filed under: Chickens — sarahtar @ 8:36 pm


Looks like chicken dinner to me! I’ve tentatively scheduled Chicken Dinner Day for August 28. That’s only 2 more weeks of listening to the new head rooster show off his manliness to the whole neighborhood.



And this is Black Hen. The one who has been sitting on the next for the last 18 months. Not laying eggs. Just eating, being a B to the other chickens, and actually eating some of the eggs she acts like she is hatching. I have come to believe it’s all a ploy. She’s not really broody. She’s lazy. This broody gag lets her sit on her butt all day, not produce eggs, and gets her free yummy egg meals whenever she “accidentally” breaks one. mmmm hmmm. I’m on to you and your ways, Black Hen. Our family is having chicken stew on the 29th… guess who’s going to be in it?

I will particularly enjoy eating Black Hen

I’m sorry, does that sound cruel? Animals are food around here. Farm animals are not pets. Dogs and cats, they’re pets. Chickens are food. I’m not mean to her in person, but she does drive me insane. And while I’ll be a little sad to be butchering my oldest chicken, I’ll be glad to be rid of her at the same time.


2 Responses to “Chicken Dinner”

  1. Momma Aimee Says:

    Do you eat them as you kill, or do you ever stock the freezer?

  2. sarahtar Says:

    Usually stock the freezer. Um, usually don’t want to eat chicken for a few days after harvesting, lol.

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