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Mating August 16, 2011

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So, Sunday was mating day at Boulevard Farm. I’ve never really, um, forced two animals to have sex before, so I was a little uncertain, but as it turns out, the buck needed no encouragement. At all.

From what I had read in books, I had expected some period of mutual sniffing, and of the doe familiarizing herself with the buck’s cage. Even though, you know, it’s the same as hers.

In reality, I put her in with the buck and while she seemed to want to sniff  around a little, he really just wanted to get down to business. Like, immediately. Oh, good heavens, the poor guy was humping furiously, but never seemed to be able to actually get it in the right place, because Sabrina (the white doe) simply wanted nothing to do with him.

Eventually, she resorted to sitting on her haunches wedged into the corner.

And the poor buck seemed to be trying to woo her. He was sniffing her and cuddling her and licking her face and whatnot, but she was having NO PART in this. So after about 10 minutes, I took her out. I think she was tired of having her back humped. I know I would be.

Proud of Himself



So, we tried the other doe, the Black doe (sans a name). She is my favorite of the two does. She played this game of Run Away, which resulted in a merry game of chase for the buck. Round and round and round the cage, and eventually, he just stood in the center and watched her. Reasonably assured that they wouldn’t hurt each other, I went inside for a minute and came back out to find her sitting along the back side of the cage with the buck spread out in front of her, as relaxed as can be. He could have been smoking a cigarette.

She was calmer, too, though of course, two calm rabbits don’t necessarily mean that he actually impregnated her. I reached in for her and kind of wagged her backside at the buck a little, but he had absolutely no interest at all, which I took as a good sign. I put her back in her cage, but checked out her girly parts first, and they seemed to be, um… well, it seemed like he found the right spot. So, I’m considering it a job well done by Mr Buck, but we’ll find out in a month, I guess. I’m going to try palpitating her in a few weeks, to see if I can feel anything, but I have no experience and no confidence.

So the picture above is the buck, pleased with himself. The picture below is the knocked up rabbit.

Knocked up


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