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The cornish hens May 3, 2011

Filed under: Chickens — sarahtar @ 8:52 am


They’re growing! When I moved them to the outside coop, it was still pretty cold and they still hadn’t completely feathered out, so I kept the door to the outside shut. This week, however, it’s been warm enough, and they’re old enough, I thought they could use some sunshine (or, um, you know – vaguely bright) time. I had to literally throw them outside once I opened the door, but now they go in and out all the time, and seem to prefer it outside (I know I would).

I’ve been surprised at how quiet they are. I don’t know that I’ve heard them make any noise since I moved them out. Even when I’m messing around in their coop, they don’t protest too much or squawk at me. This is a good thing right now, though, since the egg birds are being super noisy. I think they’re undergoing some sort of change in the pecking order out there, and it involves a lot of verbal banter.

Our original plan was to purchase another six cornish when these cornish were about 4 weeks old, but that’s about the time our mail-order chicks arrived*, and I’m still trying to think through the logistics of this. The cornish are in the coop right now, and the chicks inside. The chicks will be ready to move outside a few weeks after the cornish vacate the coop, freeing up my indoor brooding boxes. However, if I get six more cornish at that time, I’m not sure about where they’d finish growing up. I need to decide if I think there would be conflict if I throw them in with the other meat birds while they finish.

Anyway, the cornish are growing fast, and I think they’ll be ready to harvest in a few weeks. Looking forward to a nice meal of Cornish game hen!

* Most people who order mail-order chicks choose their delivery date. What we actually do is, when we place our order with Sandhill – or, more accurately, when Abby places our joint order with Sandhill – we order their “end of the week special.” Essentially, when they have enough leftover chicks at the end of the week to fill our order, it ships. So we don’t know exactly when to expect it, and we don’t know exactly what we’re getting. I order chickens-only, but Abby orders Whatever You Got, which is always fun to see what comes.


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