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Rabbits May 1, 2011

Filed under: Rabbits — sarahtar @ 8:49 am

We drove out to Illinois (and back) yesterday to pick up our rabbits. I decided on Satins instead of New Zealand, and found a farmer in western Illinois who mainly shows rabbits, but is willing to sell her culls to meat breeders. She was super nice, too. So we have one chocolate colored male who is a little standoffish:

But apparently he likes chew toys, lol. I did buy them each a wooden chew treat as a Welcome To Your New Home present, and his was pretty chewed on this AM.

Then a black female:
She discovered her hay right away, and absolutely went to town. When I went out this morning, she had spent all night, apparently, munching on the hay, as it was all gone.

And a white female:
She is super curious, and is exploring her cage vigorously every time I see her.

Generally speaking, the red eyes of the whites freak me out, but this one is so soft, I forgive her.

We got them settled in last night, and this morning, they seemed to be doing good. They had all pooped and peed all over the place, and their water cups were empty, and there was feed missing, so I’m assuming all is well. They’re a little jumpy this morning, but they’re in new surroundings, so I get it.


4 Responses to “Rabbits”

  1. Karen Says:

    Nice bunnies! I’m sure you know this, but they need something solid underfoot – if you keep them just on cage material it can harm their feet!

    • sarahtar Says:

      Hi, Karen! Thanks for the advice, I appreciate hearing your perspective. In talking to lots of different rabbit raisers this last year, I’ve learned that, while some prefer a solid surface on the bottom of cages – even preferring a hutch over a cage, most folks who raise non-pet rabbits prefer to keep their rabbits in all-wire cages and do so without any harm to their rabbits. I realize that this practice still generates some level of controversy, but I’m comfortable with what we’re doing for the time being. I’ll of course keep an eye on their hocks.

  2. Momma Aimee Says:

    i have to be the smart-a$$ — maybe they are stand offish because they are going to be dinner?? LOL

    Just kidding, but you all need a farm, or at least 5 to 10 acres …i love watching the farm grow.

    (when will the little dinners be ready — I want a couple, I’ve never had them)

  3. Sarah Reid Says:

    It’s hard to say. Assuming that everything goes well, that everyone’s fertile, and that the girls are good mothers and don’t eat their babies, and that the babies live and thrive, these three will be ready to breed in June, and the babies ready to be butchered in October.

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