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Chinese New Year at Boulevard Farm February 3, 2011

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On Wednesday, we gathered with friends for a Chinese New Year feast. We wore red, we decorated the house, friends brought us oranges for good luck. We got new haircuts! (We did not clean the house, or wear all new clothes, both of which are also traditions. Nor did I distribute red money envelopes.)

CNY Banners CNY Banners

CNY egg roll fillings CNY egg rolls
Egg rolls.

CNY preparing the feast CNY dumplings
Making dumplings

CNY squid CNY Squid
Wally REALLY wanted squid.

CNY vegetables
Veggies for stir fry

CNY Chicken CNY Beef
Chicken and Beef stir fry.

CNY dinner table

CNY Fellowship

CNY Dessert
Dessert. The gelatin stuff was pretty good – basically plain gelatin with almond and milk, topped with fruit. (should have gone with frozen instead of canned!). The cake wasn’t bad – I think it turned out just as it should have – but it wasn’t my favorite thing to eat.


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