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Frontier Stew January 14, 2011

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Lewis and Clark Stew

We made this earlier this week for homeschool. We have been studying the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark, Sacagewea, etc. I found this recipe in a book on the Corps of Discovery, then adapted it a little.

1 can white beans. (we used navy beans) If you aren’t hurrying trying to get this made before the troops revolt from hunger, you could use dried beans, too. (I mean, you’d have to cook them first.)

1 large or 2 small winter squash. I used our squash from the garden this year. Peel it and dice it.

Scallions or onion, sliced thin.

2 cups corn. Fresh if you have it (just slice it off the ear), frozen if you have to.

1 cup milk

1 cup broth or stock

Thyme, salt, pepper

Butter or oil.

Cook the onion and squash in the butter/oil until soft. Add everything else. Bring to a boil. Then simmer 15 minutes.

I let ours simmer until most of the liquid was cooked out, to make it really more like stew than like soup. It was super good.

You could also add bison (which they likely would have had), or beef, or really any other red meat.

I’m thinking we might try this in the summer while camping, when we have fresh corn.

(PS, notice the use of the three sisters – squash, corn, and beans.)


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  1. Momma Aimee Says:

    i am going to try this

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