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Foghorn was super yummy. December 10, 2010

Filed under: Chickens,Food,Self-Sufficiency — sarahtar @ 1:11 pm

So, we had one chicken that was just huge. He (as it turns out) was big as a chick, and outgrew his fellow chickens quickly. I mean, he was GIANT. Look at him there in comparison to the other birds.

Randy named him Foghorn, because he reminded him of the cartoon character.

And now look at him in the smoker:

And on our plates:

He was pretty yummy.

And it’s sad to say this, but I had never eaten meat I’ve raised myself. I mean, historically, that’s a very bizarre thing to say – only in the last generation or two have people been able to truly say, at 34, that they’ve never eaten meat they raised themselves. Fortunately, my kids won’t grow up thinking this is an unusual treat  – I hope that eating food that they’ve raised themselves is just a part of life for them.


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