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Family Meals December 1, 2010

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Dinner with Glanns

Dinner with Glanns

Dinner with Glanns

Since Spring, our family’s been spending one evening a week with the Glann family of Sugar Creek Family Farm. (Together, our farms make up Swingin’ Goat Farms.)

The idea was that Randy and I would spend the evening working around their farm, in exchange for fresh produce from their garden, since we have no garden. Typically, what happens is that Abby and I go out and do some work while Randy cooks and watches Genna while the other kids play. We all eat after Andrew gets home, and then if there’s still light, Abby and I head out to do more work.

As the days got shorter, though, we ended up eating dinner and then heading down to watch a movie together. We have decided, though, that we enjoy the fellowship so much that we’re going to continue even during the winter, but perhaps alternating houses. We’re compiling a list of winter tasks to complete on our work/dinner nights.

I will say, the appeal of our evenings to me has become just the relaxed time spent together with another family that shares our values – from homeschooling to Christ to food.


One Response to “Family Meals”

  1. Momma Aimee Says:

    Such a blessing to both families — that is great for all of you,

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