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Fall Farm Chores November 30, 2010

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This weekend’s lovely weather provided a perfect opportunity to finish up our fall chores.

First I moved the chickens around to their winter home. We joke that they are Snowbirds because they move south for the winter. I like to have them near the back door for the winter so I don’t have to walk as far to feed and water them in the cold. I had already insulated the interior of their house with straw,making them some of the most pampered citified birds around. I put a small food can and the heated water dish inside, as well, and left the main set of food and water outside. I also added some cracked corn to their feed to help keep them warm, and we put up a pallet as a wind and snow break on the west side.

Winter House
This is the view out the south windows of the bedroom – a nice benefit of the summer home is being able to see them easily from the house.

Then we finally got the storm windows on the house! I say “finally” because we never put them on last year. Frankly, I was a little out of practice.  But we can already tell a difference, so yay!

AND! I got the garlic planted! Something else I didn’t get done last year. (I had left it in the car all winter, actually, but if we had any Vampire emergencies, we would have been in good shape.

Here’s hoping that this winter is warmer than last year’s was!


One Response to “Fall Farm Chores”

  1. Momma Aimee Says:

    i am all for a better winter this year. That chicken house looks so great.

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