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Autumn with the Chickens October 29, 2010

Filed under: Chickens — sarahtar @ 2:19 pm

Well, we’re hoping to harvest the meat birds one of the first two weekends in November. I just ordered the chicken plucker and will post more once it arrives.

Last night, I moved three hens from the meat bird pen over to the egg layer’s coop. I moved them about an hour before it would get dark enough that they’d head inside for the night. I put in a second roost, although with Black Hen still preferring to sleep in a nest, there was certainly enough room on the roost that was already in there. I was hoping that the second roost would give the newcomers a place to sleep where they wouldn’t be bothering the old birds.

I also brought new greens and a scoop of new feed to the hens. I scattered the feed in several piles, so nobody had to fight over access to the main feeder.

They spent most of their evening establishing their pecking order, and they made quite the racket once they went inside, but they all came out this morning, so I am guessing that everything went OK. White Hen has surprised me, as she clearly feels superior to the newcomers. She struts around with a pep in her step that I’ve never seen before, and is all on the prowl.

It is interesting to watch this process, actually. The smallest of the newcomers obviously knows she’s at the bottom, and goes out of her way to scoot around the older birds.

Hopefully, they settle down, since the process of establishing their pecking order is apparently a noisy one.


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