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Preparedness September 14, 2010

Filed under: Self-Sufficiency,Survivalism — sarahtar @ 6:15 am

September is National Preparedness Month. Take a minute or two this month and take at least the beginning steps towards disaster preparedness. You and your family stand a much better chance of surviving a disaster of any type if you are prepared to take care of all of your needs for at least 2 days… longer is better.

What do you need to survive for 2-7 days? Food. Water. Heat. Shelter.

A plan. A plan that everyone knows. An out of town (or state) contact. A rendezvous place. (our family knows, for example, where to meet up if the disaster is limited to just our home, where to go if we need to meet up somewhere still in town, and where to go if we need to meet up out of town.)

A go bag. A go bag is a bag (preferably a backpack) containing everything you need to survive for a few days if you have to leave your house suddenly. It’s a bag you can grab as you leave without having to pack.

A kit for your desk at work and one for your car. Food, water, clothes. Comfortable shoes if you’re the type to wear fashionable shoes that are unsuitable for actual walking.

A plan for taking care of family members who might need help in an emergency. When my mom was alive, we had to plan for what to do about her dialysis in the event of an extended power outage, for example. If there is an evacuation of the town where your grandma lives, can she get out on her own?

None of these things are hard. They’re just a slight hassle to put together. That hassle is worth it if you ever need it. So, take a few minutes. Take at least one step towards preparedness.


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