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Grapes into Grape Juice, part Three. September 1, 2010

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So… after pressing all the juice, we started straining it through tea towels to get all the pulp and sediment out. And after about an hour, we had strained about 5 tablespoons full. That might be an exaggeration, but it was going REALLY REALLY slow. After dinner, we reasoned that most of the sediment would settle to the bottom, so we were mainly concerned about getting out the bigger chunks before letting it settle in the fridge for a day or two.

After switching to a mesh colander, we zipped through the 25 gallons pretty quickly, and emptied it into buckets, pans, and eventually, all the jars we could find and completely filled the apartment size fridge in Abby’s basement with juice.

That was Wednesday.

On Friday, Abby did most of the work to turn this into cans of juice (I was home trying to finish up the sewing and listing of new Mei Tai carriers), but I did show up to help for a few hours. We carefully spooned off any floating junk, then very carefully ladled the juice out of the buckets and into pans, along with a bit of sugar. As the juice heated on the stove, more of the sediment floated up to the top, where we just skimmed it off.

After the juice had heated to a simmer, we ladled it into clean jars. 20 minutes in a hot water bath, and it’s good to go!

grape juice


One Response to “Grapes into Grape Juice, part Three.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Way cool!!! I am super excited to be doing so much this year! I made applesauce today for the first time & last night, sewed up the dog pillow he tore open! thanks for being so real & inspiring me to just do it, just try, its not that hard đŸ™‚ & way less scarey than I thought!!!

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