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Grapes into Grape Juice, part two August 31, 2010

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So the day after we picked all the grapes, we had to turn them into juice. No problem, right? We have a cider press. We’ll just use that!

This was such a learning experience, and I say that in a really good way. We got to do a lot of trial and error and in the process, get really yummy juice.

Grapes into Grape Juice
Here’s what we thought we’d be able to do. Put the new bucket liner in the press’s bucket, put grapes in the liner, and press all the juice out, the end.

Grapes into Grape Juice
And we did get juice that way.
Then we backed up the presser, and noticed that the grapes were barely squished, but we had the press pushing down as hard as it would go. Hm.

Grapes into Grape Juice
So we decided we’d need to use the crusher part of the press after all. And, the good news is that after about a half hour, the very loud squealing from the crank stopped.

Well, a short time later, we decided that using regular fabric for the basket liner was a stupid idea. The fabric was far too tightly woven. So we swapped that out for some cheesecloth. And then we found that the press still just wasn’t pressing enough for the grapes.

Grapes into Grape Juice
So we ended up pressing them with our hands. We kind of wished we’d just set up a trough and gone at it with our feet.

3:51 Grapes into Grape Juice Grapes into Grape Juice

Grapes into Grape Juice
Doesn’t the leftover pulp look REALLY YUMMY? Ick. We weren’t prepared for how quickly the grapes and juice would darken with oxidation.

This is what juicing grapes outside looks like with four kids:
Grapes into Grape Juice

We ended up with 25 gallons of unstrained juice.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode when we find out if the Silver Haired Man will triumph over our hero. No, wait. Kepe an eye out for the exciting conclusion, where we end up with neatly labeled jars of yummy grape juice.


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