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Grapes into Grape Juice, part one August 28, 2010

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Grapes into Grape Juice

So it all started one day when my friend Abby called one day to say that a vineyard somewhat close to her had too many of a particular type of grape and was selling them cheap to folks who wanted to come pick them. $2.50 for a 5 gallon bucket. Yes.

Now, these were edelweiss grapes. Not good for eating, but should make great juice or, of course, wine.

So, on Tuesday, we headed out to the vineyard with 15 or so 5-gallon buckets, two pairs of shears, and four children.

Grapes into Grape Juice
Vineyards are so pretty.

Grapes into Grape Juice 2:32 Grapes into Grape Juice
The kids pulled grapes off the vine one by one.

Grapes into Grape Juice

Grapes into Grape Juice
Genna has a thing with plants. She doesn’t like them to touch her. This creates problems when I’m trying to harvest from the garden, and proved to be problematic at the vineyard, too. For a while, she wanted to nurse in the carrier, but didn’t want any leaves to touch her. Well, gee, girly…

Grapes into Grape Juice Grapes into Grape Juice
We ended up with 14 buckets full, or approx. 420 lbs of grapes.

Then we suddenly realized it was 4:30 and Wally had to be back in Des Moines for Kung Fu at 6 and so we drove as fast as we could (so, like 60 for Abby, who drove from the vineyard to her home) and about 90 for me (from Abby’s to Kung Fu) and we made it just 5 minutes late. phew.

Stay tuned for part 2 – we turn the grapes into really nasty looking mush.


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