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aroo-ooo-ooo…er…*ahem* August 18, 2010

Filed under: Chickens — sarahtar @ 1:50 pm

The meat birds are were a straight-run lot. This means that they just sent us 25 birds, without checking their sex. So we have a mix out there. Saturday morning, one of the cockerels started trying to crow. It’s kind of a pathetic little crow. “um, Ahem. aroo? aroo ooo ooo? AROO!! ooo. ar ar aroo…um…er…ahem… (aroo)”

BUT. He is getting better at it every morning. Male chickens don’t usually start to be really obnoxious until they’re closer to 4-5 months old, but apparently it’s not  uncommon for them to start giving it a try pretty early on. We were hoping that none of the cockerels would start to be noisy before they were ready to eat, but it looks like we’ll have to put our backup plan into action. (Backup plan = ship the noisy boogers off for Abby to babysit for a little while.)

(PS, city code forbids “disturbing noises such as crowing, cackling and gobbling”)


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