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The meat birds July 30, 2010

Filed under: Chickens — sarahtar @ 1:29 am

These guys have such a herd mentality, it’s amusing. They’re usually all together. They are a mixed lot, straight-run. So they’re both males and females, all breeds. So, not particularly “meat” birds by definition, just meat birds in the sense that we plan to eat them.




And here’s their home. The run disassembles for off-season storage. This coop will not be in use in the winter, so after we are done with the run in the fall, we can take it apart until we need it again. This also allows us to put the run together in different configurations if we want.

The meat birds coop

Part of the run is covered with a tarp to give the birds some shade, some dry outdoor space, and also to keep the rain out of the food.

The meat birds coop

And here’s the house. It’s got two large windows, and the entire front end there is the door.

The meat birds coop

The meat birds coop

The meat birds coop
In retrospect, this window opening this way was not the best idea I’ve ever had. I’m going to change the way it opens after harvest this fall, or maybe in the spring before we get new birds.

And the inside is mostly just perches. They like to perch, but they still sleep in one big pile on the floor.
The meat birds coop


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