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Rabbit Shed July 28, 2010

Filed under: Rabbits — sarahtar @ 1:41 am

So, we don’t have rabbits quite yet. But we’re making progress! We bought a shed in June and put it together in our backyard, intending it for the rabbits. It was smaller than what I wanted, but the price was right, so we’re making do.

The main problem with this particular shed is that it lacks adequate ventilation. Rabbits do really well in the winter (despite their obvious furry coats, the most common question I’ve heard regarding rabbits is how they’ll stay warm enough in winter), but they really suffer in the summer heat. It’s important that they get adequate ventilation.

But I didn’t want to just leave the doors open – that leaves the rabbits vulnerable to predators. So I installed a giant screen door.

Screen Door on Rabbit shed

I built a little doorframe around the opening, built a door, covered it with hardware cloth, and voila – an awesome screen door.


2 Responses to “Rabbit Shed”

  1. That looks like a pretty AWESOME solution and some great handiwork too!

  2. David Poppy Says:

    One solution would be to dig a trench to your house, lay in some 3/4 inch electrical pvc, run it right up next to the shed and stub up onto a 4×4 postburied maybe 3′ with about 3 or 4 feet above ground. Set a little weatherproof sub panel and come out of that with a 20amp weatherproof GFCI receptacle, or two. Then just put one or two 1500 watt radiant space heaters in there. If you set them for 35 degrees or so, just enough to keep the water from freezing. I am an electrician and can tell you, it’s not as hard or as expensive as one would think. Figure $100.00 for panel, breaker for inside your house, receptacles, boxes for receptacles with weather proof covers. Now figure $2.30 or so a foot for the distance to your house. (pvc is about $0.35 per/ft and even if you sent enough power out there to power a small house the wire wouldnt run more than about $2.00 per/ft total. You could maybe get away with it for a buck or so a foot for #8 wire which is good for 40amps (same size as an electric stove)

    I just build an out door hanging hutch very similar to your setup. Best wishes on your endevours.

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