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Dinner – Fresh January 29, 2009

Filed under: Food — sarahtar @ 8:12 pm

Dinner Dinner

So I wrote about Randy’s new idea. Eat fresh, organic, wholesome goods that are purchased daily at the store, sticking within a given budget. (currently, $5-10 per meal, depending on what we’re eating, not counting staples like flour, rice, and whatnot.)

This was Monday’s meal, the first under this new “plan.” Orzo, broiled chicken, and stir-fryed veggies. It was really quite good. I really kind of missed Randy’s cooking – he’s quite good at it when he wants to be, but often, we eat the same boring things over and over.

Tuesday is my night, soup night, and I made really good vegetable beef soup (I mean, if I do say so myself). Wednesday is class night, so we always eat sandwiches because it’s fast. This week we had egg sandwiches. Tonight, I’m not sure what we’re having but it smells yummy.


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