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Gardening May 14, 2008

Filed under: Gardening — sarahtar @ 12:12 am

Ugly back garden

Let’s talk about gardening for a minute. This used to be my back flower garden. Now, you’re saying that it looks like just a collection of weeds, right? The first difficulty this garden has is that it’s 100% shade. Thus, lack of any real color.

Now, the section closest to the camera is this nice green groundcover that greens up early in the spring and stays green until late fall. I love it. See those purple flowers> Creeping Charlie. Creeping Charlie that creeps with such incredible speed, I didn’t have hardly any in there last week. That tall thing in the middle, we weren’t sure about a few weeks ago so we let it grow… but now I’m sure it’s a weed, so it’ll come out.

To the far left is more groundcover, but this is vinca, which has lovely delicate leaves and little purple flowers. And lots of Creeping Charlie. There are two scrawny bushes behind, that really should be fuller by now, but they just won’t grow. Between the vinca and the bushes, and also between the vinca and the shed, used to be some perennial flowers. I had a LOVELY patch of Bee Balm, that just disappeared one year. The other perennials, I accidently pulled early spring a few years back. They were new as of the previous fall, and I just plain forgot about them. oops.

Now that bare spot in the middle, that’s also full of that darn creeping charlie? That’s the part that doesn’t make sense any more. See, where the shed is there, used to be our compost pile. And so having a path to the compost pile made sense. And we had some tall plants in front of the pile. It was all very nice. But last year, we tore out the pile and the tall plants to put in this shed, which has been so useful. But now the area’s kind of an eyesore.

Well, it matches the rest of the yard that way.

But today, I bought some plants. Some tall ferns for the back, some pretty shade-loving perennials for the middle. I should have bought a few more shade-loving ground covers for the front where there’s that space, but I didn’t think about it. Hopefully, in about 3 years after the perennials really have a chance to get going, it’ll look a LOT nicer.

We also planted some herbs I bought from Prairieland Herbs a few weeks ago, finally. Spearmint, thyme, lavender, chamomile.

Gardening New Plants


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