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Fun Garden Surprises May 1, 2008

Filed under: Gardening — sarahtar @ 9:52 pm

My herb garden has two fun surprises.

First, this:


Lettuce. I planted this lettuce seed last spring and I was mad all spring/summer/fall last year that it didn’t seem to be growing. It didn’t so much as sprout. This spring, before the snow even stopped flying (which, OK, was last week), the lettuce started growing. Apparently, the seeds just laid there dormant all year, waiting to give me lettuce this year, when it apparently knew that I would want lettuce but wouldn’t have a chance to get out to plant it in early spring. yay.

Second, this:

Little Evergreen

This is not a new surprise, it was a surprise four or so years ago, but it does continue to be a surprise every year when it comes back. This little tree just started growing here in my herb garden. I left it alone. It keeps growing. Eventually, maybe next year or the year after, we’ll have to dig it up and transplant it somewhere – it didn’t choose the most ideal location.


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