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Self-sufficiency February 20, 2008

Filed under: Goals, Hopes, Dreams,Self-Sufficiency — sarahtar @ 11:20 pm

One of the things that Glenn Beck has really inspired me to do is think about the mandatory skills I’d like our family, particularly our offspring, to develop, to possess. Skills that promote self-sufficiency. These skills will serve us well, whether it’s to survive a natural disaster or to make it through some sort of end times scenario or even to just make it through hard personal times.

Skills like:

  • Gardening, including saving seeds from one season to the next.
  • Hunting and shooting.
  • Foraging, including learning to identify wild plants.
  • Survival skills such as those one might see on Man Vs Wild.
  • Camping, and not camping with a tent type of stuff.
  • Orienteering
  • Food storage without electricity

Basically, a lot of skills that homesteaders use + skills that really good outdoorspeople use.

I think one phrase Glenn Beck has used is to be a Sarah Connor parent…which was fitting when I heard it this last week because I just finally watched one of the Terminator movies a few weeks ago.

This type of stuff has been appealing to me for years, I really like the idea of being able to grow my own wheat, then grind it into flour and make bread with a stone oven. I’ve just never moved beyond the LIKING of the idea to actually DOING the idea. I think we’re going to incorporate skills such as these into our homeschooling.

Which is one of the funnest things about homeschooling – I get to learn them, too!!


2 Responses to “Self-sufficiency”

  1. This is one of the reasons we are looking to farm. Many of the skills are learned in that type of setting.

    Some you might want to mention in addition:
    Basic and secondary First Aid
    Preparing fresh (hunted) meat for cooking
    Weather preparedness

    I haven’t seen Man Vs Wild so maybe those are included. I have an Army training survival manual AND a Zombie survival manual. I know zombies are not real, but IMO, that book had more useful information about survival presented in a simple and funny way than the military guide.

    I learned many of these skills during my years on the ranch. Now they serve me in small ways. I know how to treat bee and wasp stings, trap animals, and deal with crisis. I’ve also helped, more in the aftermath, with forest and grass fires.

    Self sufficiency is a mindset. It is logic and problem solving and critical thinking. It is one of the reasons why we homeschool- classroom managed settings do not often enough get to teach these skills.

  2. sarahtar Says:

    Good additions to the list!

    Homesteading/living on a farm has often appealed to me, but we are most definitely a more urban family, all things considered.

    I happened to watch Castaway earlier this week (randy was snoring, I couldn’t sleep, but I was too tired to read or knit) and – YES I know it’s a movie – but he would have died had he not possessed some basic awareness of how to survive in the wild, and the ability to use what he had in creative ways.

    And Blast from the Past is a cute movie we watch from time to time, and is another example of a family using/adapting survival skills.

    We’ve taken it upon ourselves to learn some basics, enough to get us through should we wander off-trail while hiking and find ourselves stranded for the night. But I def. want to learn more – all of us.

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